Why Custom?

Customs are tailored specifically for you, whether you are a seasoned sneakerhead looking for a truly exclusive product or a rabid fan looking to support your team or alma mater in a unique way. You get the shoe you want, in the size you need, with the EXACT treatment/colorway you choose — these products are one-of-a-kind, hand-painted pieces of art designed for you and no one else. And unlike other custom shops, SCOUT does not carry any shelf stock…if we did, we would be no different than any other retailer with off-the-shelf products that cater to the masses. Customs are inherently unique and should be treated accordingly: you want it, you get it…enough said.

Our Process

The SCOUT design customization process is a simple, three-step procedure that not only allows for, but encourages your input and collaboration. Here at SCOUT, we are of the opinion that a pair of kicks are only valuable if they meet the your specific set of needs and wants. That said, we also use our collective knowledge and experience within the customs game to provide suggestions and treatment recommendations to help “get you there.”

Three-step Procedure
  1. Shoe & Theme Selection
  2. Mockup & Review
  3. Customization & Delivery

Get Kicks

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